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Simple lifestyle changes to reduce your risk of injuries

Updated: Jun 6

by Dr. Scott Briggs

One of the reasons people will come into my office is because they have experienced some type of injury. While we cannot prevent ALL injuries from happening, we can try to reduce the chance that they will occur.

Here are a few lifestyle changes that could help you prevent future pain......

Drink more water. Water is such a key to health. You can read more about this in an additional article I posted in my blog.

Decrease sugar/ simple carbohydrate consumption. These items create a toxic environment in your body leading to inflammation and joints that ache and feel tight.

Straighten up. Correct posture protects you from back pain. Try to maintain the 3 natural curves in your spine by standing up straight. Exercises to stretch and strengthen your back help too. Limit sitting. You’ve probably heard that prolonged sitting can cause health issues, including back pain. Take a break and walk around at least once every hour. Change your sleep position. Do you wake up feeling sore? Relieve the pressure on your spine by sleeping on your back or side rather than your stomach.

Lighten your load. Your back may be aching because you carry around too much stuff. Common offenders including overstuffed wallets for men and giant handbags for women. Lift correctly. Learn to pick up heavy objects safely. Bend your knees and hold them close to your body. Feed your bones. A diet rich in calcium and vitamin D may help slow down bone loss due to aging. Go outdoors each day for a little sun. Quit smoking. An increased risk of back pain is one of the less publicized consequences of smoking. This may be related to nicotine interfering with circulation and an association between smoking and depression.

"If you do have an injury use an ice pack and NOT heat until you can get in to see your chiropractor."

If you prefer natural methods of healing, try chiropractic care. You may be one of the millions of patients who experience significant relief through spinal adjustments and similar techniques.

To learn more on how chiropractic care could help you, visit our website at or call us 765-507-1800.

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